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  • The information I share in this blog is information that I have acquired over the course of my research, trying to gain health and maintain health. Most of what I share is my opinions based off the knowledge I have learned. Any information you read or use from my blog is done so at your own risk as you are reading my blog of your own free will.
  • Unless otherwise noted, you are not permitted to reprint or publish this material without my written consent.
  • I will not sell any of your personal of contact information to another company, nor will I put your information on spam lists. When you sign up for my newsletters or leave comments I respect the information that is presented. I am, however, not responsible for the privacy practices of my blog commenters.
  • Because I am not a doctor, please do your own research before taking anything I write as a fact. The information in my blog is for informational purposes only. If you are in doubt to something I write, contact a medical professional to get some help. The information I provide is for entertainment purposes only and I am not giving any medical advice.
  • If I happen to make a post about an exact topic that needs to have exact information, I will always hyperlink the webpage/s that I am getting this information from so the reader can click on that page for more information on the topic, thus directing the reader to the source page.
  • I reserve the right to do as please with my blog, since it is after all, my blog. I may choose to change the topics, shut it down, or change the terms of use.
  • When I receive emails from readers, I will never share them with others, in my blog, or in an upcoming book or ebook without written permission from the reader.
  • All the pictures on this website, Health is Truly Wealth, are taken by Thecla Westerbeck Sørum. You don’t have permission to use the pictures for your own gain. If you want to use a picture, please contact me.

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